Nicotiana Benthamiana, A plant for all reasons


Within CAB, the Waterhouse group is well established as a world leader in Nicotiana benthamiana research, providing the Nicotiana benthamiana genome assembly and an array of bioinformatics tools free to use online.

Professor Peter Waterhouse holding a Nicotiana benthamiana plant

It offers extremely useful resources for biotechnology, evolution, gene silencing, microRNA-regulation and epigenetic research. The sequence information about the genome and transcriptome of the N. benthamiana isolate used in laboratory worldwide and other wild isolates is freely available to BLAST and GBrowse at our website ( The site also provides information about the patterns of gene expression, microRNA regulation, and the provenance of the LAB and other isolates. 


Nicotiana benthamiana is widely recognised by biopharming researchers for its ability to produce complex biologics while offering low production costs, high product yields, short production timelines, flexible production and an ease of scalability. The Waterhouse Lab has leveraged novel research findings and exclusive access to N. benthamiana data resources to develop a high yield protein production platform.