New Approaches to Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Governance and Digital Communities for Smart Trade Hubs for Agricultural Industries

This project is a multi-stage, three-year project funded by Future Food Systems CRC. The overall aim is to develop the soft and hard digital infrastructure that overlays and complements the physical elements of export hubs (e.g., transport infrastructure, storage, logistics, etc.) to support the growth of smart trade. Smart Trade Hubs develops a “demand pull” business model enabled by the Proof of Concept (PoC) technology platform. The initial work on this project focussed on supply chain provenance and security for beef exports. As the learnings of previous activities can be leveraged, we propose to introduce other supply chains to the table to enable the early seeding of opportunities and learnings. Beyond beef, other supply chains are anticipated to include those involved in the production of high value fruits, wines and artisan liquor.

Publications of note

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