Improving pan stage performance by on-line monitoring of C seed grainings by using the ITECA Crystobserver

Project dates: 01/05/2020 - 01/05/2022

One of the critical steps on the pan (crystallisation) stage is the C seed graining to produce the foundation crystals for the stage, from a slurry of very finely ground sugar particles. This project investigates the use of the ITECA Crystobserver to monitor the crystal development in the C seed pan.

The Crystobserver provides on-line measurement of crystal numbers, mean aperture and coefficient of variation with the capability to measure crystals as small as 5 microns. The key parameters which are expected to be provided for production staff are (1) the delay time from slurry injection till the crystals reach a certain size eg. 20 microns (2) the number of crystals in the field of view and (3) crystal growth rates from say 20 microns to 50 microns. Monitoring of these data should improve the consistency and quality of the C seed production which will improve the operations and performance of the whole pan stage.

Chief Investigators