Exploring blockchain-based traceability for a sustainable agri-food system

The UN Food Systems Summit has highlighted the need to transform food systems towards post-pandemic sustainable food systems. Digitally enabled food system traceability and verification of environmental and social claims enable more information access and therefore offers solutions. However, they cannot guarantee the delivery of trustworthy information and reliable claims due to data alteration risks. This project explores the opportunities for and role of blockchain-based traceability (BBT) in building more sustainable agri-food systems.

This exploratory project involves an interdisciplinary research team and industry partners to address the following four research questions (RQs) that enhance industry university engagement and ongoing collaboration.

1. How does BBT enable sustainable transformation in agri-food systems?
2. What are problems and implementation hurdles in applying BBT for agri-food system sustainability?
3. What data architecture framework can leverage BBT for sustainable outcomes in agri-food systems?
4. How does a consensus mechanism empower BBT to govern sustainable agri-food systems?

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