Building industry engagement capability for a diversified and adaptable Australian sugarcane industry

Project dates: 01/07/2023 - Ongoing

The market for bioeconomy is rapidly expanding due to increasing demand for sustainable bio-based materials and products by consumers and corporations, further accelerated by the Australian governments 2050 net zero initiative.  The Australian sugar industry is strategically positioned to leverage this opportunity and greatly benefit from Australia’s future bioeconomy due to its abundant renewable biomass resource. However, there is a lack of synergy across the supply chain, which is necessary to ensure the bioeconomy functions efficiently.

This project will pilot building an industry network to connect key stakeholders across the sugar industry, bio-based industries, research groups and government to collectively generate knowledge, enhance skills, and develop shared capabilities. Increased connections and collaboration between stakeholders will facilitate building a diversified portfolio of innovative and translatable research that Australian sugarcane businesses may capitalise on for complementary income streams within bio-based industries.

Funding / Grants

  • Sugar Research Australia Research and Innovation Funding

Chief Investigators