Bolstering QUT’s capacity in plant proteomics

This project is one of CAB’s 2020 Future Leaders Funding opportunities.

This highly interdisciplinary project aims to establish a plant proteomics platform at QUT. Building on the established expertise in QUT’s Health Faculty and Central Analytical Research Facility (CARF), we will develop new, and optimise, existing protocols suited for proteomics studies of complex plant samples.

The advent of high throughput systems or ‘omics’ technologies has changed the landscape of biology. Although genomic and transcriptomic analyses in plants are well established, advances in plant proteomics are more recent and limited to model systems such as Arabidopsis and rice. Staff and researchers at CARF have established robust proteomics analysis pipelines for animal samples, however no system has been developed for the analysis of plant samples. To perform such analysis, CAB researchers have previously relied on collaborations with other universities.

Chief Investigators