Dr Kevin Dudley

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Chief Investigator

PhD (University of Keele, Staffordshire (UK))

Kevin Dudley undertook his PhD in the area of epigenetics and pituitary tumour development. Since then he has continued to work in the epigenetics field utilising model systems to explore phenomena such as the developmental origins of disease and cellular mechanisms of learning and memory. He joined QUT's Central Analytical Research Facility in 2013. In this role his responsibilities include providing genomics-related research support, teaching and training, as well as continuing to pursue independent research. His current research is focussed on a variety of "non-model" species that have particular relevance to Australia. Integral to this research are sophisticated technologies such as next generation sequencing, proteomics and genome editing. As well as providing novel insights into the role that epigenetic mechanisms play in fundamental processes such as development and evolution, this research aims to make an active contribution to enhancing the global bioeconomy.


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