Dr Johannes Friedl

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Research Associate

PhD (Queensland University of Technology), Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering (University of Vienna)

Dr Johannes Friedl is a soil scientist in the Sustainable Agriculture program at the Centre for Agriculture and Bioeconomy.  His research in the field of environmental and agricultural science links basic process understanding to applied research questions enabling high impact research and real-world outcomes for sustainable management practice adapted to global climate change in both agricultural and natural environments. He is leading development and application of state-of-the-art monitoring methods to trace nutrient cycling and losses in the soil-plant atmosphere system. His work across the Australian beef, dairy, grains, sugar and horticulture industries as well as within international research collaborations develops strategies to mitigate environmentally harmful nutrient losses while maintaining pasture and crop productivity. Research Interest

  • Nitrogen/ Carbon turnover in the soil, plant atmosphere system
  • Biogeochemistry of plant-soil-microbe interactions in agro-ecosystems
  • Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of environmentally important greenhouse gases
  • Balance and magnitude of reactive and non-reactive nitrogen losses from soils
  • Stable Isotopes in Environmental Sciences

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