Professor Graeme Millar

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Professor, Faculty of Engineering

PhD (University of Dundee)

Career Summary:

  • Professor at Queensland University of Technology in the area of Industrial Chemistry, Process Engineering & Clean Technologies
  • Director of industrial chemistry start-up company from initial concept to point of global product sales and subsequent expansion into the marketplace
  • Technical General Manager of a start-up company which successfully took two technologies from proof-of-concept stage through to full scale commercial demonstration and sales.  One product is used for wastewater clean-up and the other for industrial bulk chemical manufacture.
  • Business Manager with a company which developed and supplied novel water treatment technologies, chemical production plants, fireproof construction materials made from renewable sources and green energy generation units.
  • Created and published magazine for the global formaldehyde industry
  • Senior lecturer at The University of Queensland

Skills and Attributes

  • Demonstrated ability to link academia effectively with industry
  • Excellent teaching record
  • Good management skills and organizational capabilities
  • Team player with drive and enthusiasm
  • International experience with regards to business development, product commercialization, sales, marketing and customer service
  • Ability to develop technology from concept to fully commercial status
  • Broad range of skills relevant to chemical, petrochemical, energy, material & environmental sectors
  • Capacity to design business and marketing programs resulting in increased level of income and enhanced profit margin
  • Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities
  • Highly motivated and detail-directed problem solver
  • International links to chemical industry and unique insight to future trends
  • Capacity to formulate & balance budgets
  • Reorganized business sales strategy to incorporate improved customer sales pipeline
  • Ability to design teaching courses, manage laboratory personnel, train new staff members and supervise graduate students
  • Effective management and organization of global business partners
  • Successful implementation of numerous projects
  • Capability to bridge the gap between academia and industry
  • Proven track record for leadership and management of multidisciplinary teams
  • Experienced in writing grant applications and securing funding


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Physical Chemistry)                            (University of Dundee, 1992)
  • Bachelor of Science  (Honours 1st Class, Chemistry)          (University of Dundee, 1989)

PhD research work was partially conducted at the worldwide research headquarters for ICI Katalco located in Billingham, England.  16 international journal publications resulted from the PhD research, including one paper in a special invite only issue of Molecular Physics.

Scientific & Technical Expertise:

  • Fundamental chemistry:
    • Physical chemistry; materials science; catalysis and surface science; ion exchange; adsorption
  • Industrial chemistry:
    • Bulk chemicals; fine chemicals; catalysts; renewable energy production;  petroleum products; polymers; wood panels; electrochemistry; coal seam gas
  • Environmental chemistry:
    • Wastewater treatment; control of gas phase pollutants; waste value adding
  • Materials science:
    • Zeolites; nano-oxides; membranes
  • Analytical capabilities:
    • Spectroscopy; electron microscopy; thermal analysis; surface science techniques; X-ray diffraction; mass spectrometry


Additional information

Our main research focus is to work on technologies relevant to the Cleantech sector.  In particular, our large research team concentrates on industry problems such as those in the burgeoning coal seam gas industry, water purification, mining and industrial chemical sectors. Invariably, each project has an industrial associate who guides us to the research needs.  For example, Santos GLNG are a strong supporter of our coal seam gas research activities.  To meet the challenge of being part of a "University for the Real World" we not only have excellent bench scale testing facilities but also several pilot plants for the treatment of water.  For example, presently we are operating a 100,000 L per day ion exchange facility; a 500 L per day membrane distillation unit; a solar still; a 25,000 L per day heavy metal removals demonstration plant.