CAB Labs

There are several labs within Q block that the team at the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy uses for various purposes: 

Gardens Point, Level 1 of Q block – Propagation facilities and Sand Bath 

Gardens Point, Level 6 of Q block – Plant Tissue Culture 

Gardens Point, Level 5 of Q block – Laboratory of Molecular Genetics  

Gardens Point, Level 6 of Q block (Q601) Chemistry Instrumentation, PTC, (Q620 RIF Fermentation lab) 

The GP Q601 Chemistry & 610 Chemistry instrument laboratories are used for: 

  • sugar analyses and characterisation supporting sugar mill operations 
  • converting waste to profits, value adding for example fuel, new plastics, chemicals (i.e., CMF)  
  • pre-treatment of agricultural materials to improve processing protocols 

Gardens Point, Level 8 of Q block – CSSF (Central Sterilising Services Facility) 

The Central Sterilising Services Facility (CSSF), supports Research and Teaching with: 

  • autoclave sterilisation of the Pathological waste stream 
  • occasional autoclaving requests (e.g., potting mix pasteurisation, lab laundry sanitation, media autoclaving) 
  • glass ware and plastic ware washing and drying 
  • tip loading and autoclave sterilisation 
  • monitoring the quality of house RO water and Q818/819 water softening supply