World-class expertise

The Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy brings together QUT’s brightest minds in agriculture and bioeconomy research to help feed the world sustainably and develop cleaner, greener bioproducts.

Our unique mix of expertise in plant biotechnology, process engineering, industrial chemistry and commercialisation, creates a continuum of research and development from laboratory through to real-world research outcomes.

  Meet our leadership team

Our research

We deliver global research and consulting solutions in biotechnology and biomass processing, specialising in tropical agriculture and the high-value biocommodities sector.

Our research focuses include:

  • tropical crop specialisations in bananas, sugarcane and tropical pulses
  • genetic manipulation for improving the nutritional status of food, and disease resistance and stress tolerance in tropical crops
  • developing advanced techniques for disease diagnosis and control
  • manufacturing high-value green chemicals, biofuels and other bioproducts from agricultural waste.

Our location

The Centre is based in sunny Queensland, the ideal environment for developing future generations of genetically enhanced tropical crops. Our climate, cutting-edge research facilities, sophisticated agricultural production, political support for emerging bioeconomies and a defined regulatory environment make this the ideal location for our research.

Australia is the only developed country in the tropical region and has strong tropical agriculture industries. The majority of Australia’s tropical crops are produced in Queensland, and the state has developed diverse research agencies and institutions, world-leading expertise and capability in the field of tropical crop science.

This research supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We work closely with industry partners, research funding bodies and other research providers to improve tropical agriculture in Australia and support agricultural advancement in Africa, India and South-East Asia.