The Cough and Airways Research Group (CARG) is a specialist team of scientists, nurses and doctors led by respiratory paediatrician Professor Anne Chang. The primary focus is to shed light on the aetiology, progression, specific infections and optimum treatment of acute and chronic cough, protracted bacterial bronchitis and bronchiectasis. This is achieved through multiple ongoing studies that help to increase understanding about the impact of these respiratory conditions on the quality of life of children and families and the economic cost to families and health agencies. Indigenous respiratory health and Indigenous respiratory reference values are also focus areas of CARG research. The team collaborates actively with others from many institutions in Queensland, interstate and internationally.

Our focus

  • Improving the management of chronic cough, pneumonia & bronchiectasis in children
  • Obtaining novel data that impacts on clinical care eg establishing lung function data for Indigenous Australian children & young adults
  • Mentorship of higher degree scholars & post-doctoral students
  • Incorporating data into systematic reviews & guidelines