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What makes an excellent teacher?

C4IE researchers asked 50 high school students with learning and behavioural difficulties from Grades 7-10 “What makes an excellent teacher?” The study, published in Frontiers in Education, builds on research that measures quality teaching practices. One important finding is that students with learning and behavioural difficulties do not…

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Central Queensland Leading Inclusive Education Action Research Project

In this podcast episode, C4IE’s Director, Professor Linda Graham, introduces the Central Queensland Leading Inclusive Education Action Research Project. You can listen to this episode here

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ABC Radio Brisbane Drive: Interview with Haley Tancredi 

On Tuesday 4 April, PhD candidate Haley Tancredi spoke with Kelly Higgins-Devine about the Accessible Assessment ARC Linkage project. She shared:  the investment that the ARC and our research partners (QCAA, QSPA, SPA and our Partner Schools) have made in this important project,  the complex and dedicated work that our Partner School…

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It takes two to tango: Parent-teacher partnerships are not just about engaging parents. Teachers need to be engaged too!

In this blog, C4IE members, Dr Glenys Mann and Professor Linda Gilmore, talk about the need for more research into parent-teacher partnerships, and the critical role of teachers in determining the quality of that relationship.   There is no doubt that a positive productive partnership between parents and teachers is critical to the…

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Professor Marilyn Campbell #6 in the world on bullying & cyberbullying research

A bibliometric analysis recently published in the journal Educational Review, provided an overview of the current state and development of educational research on bullying and cyberbullying in the last 30 years. The analysis found that C4IE member, Professor Marilyn Campbell was the 6th most prolific author in education and educational…

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Can fine motor skills and executive function predict arithmetic and reading skills?

C4IE member Dr Verena Pritchard and colleagues evaluated the role of fine motor skills, executive function, and domain-specific skills at 5-years as predictors of arithmetic and reading skills at 6-years. The article Domain-specific skills, but not fine-motor or executive function, predict later arithmetic and reading in children was…

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Do we really have a frightening school to prison pipeline in this country? Only one way to find out

C4IE Director, Professor Linda Graham and C4IE Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Callula Killingly discuss exclusionary discipline in Australia on the latest AARE blog. Read the full text here

Six students in their twenties sit in pairs in a modern, casual study space. Each pair looks at a shared device and engages in conversation.

Implementing self-regulated learning evidence into practice in higher education

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Angelique Howell collaborated with colleagues at The University of Queensland on an article recently published in Review of Education. You can read the full publication, ‘Learning how to learn: Implementing self-regulated learning evidence into practice in higher education – Illustrations from diverse…

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Cognitive control training for children with anxiety and depression

Professor Marilyn Campbell and colleagues recently published a systematic review in the Journal of Affective Disorders. You can read the publication Cognitive control training for children with anxiety and depression: A systematic review here

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The future of special schools in Australia

New research from C4IE members Dr Carly Lassig, Dr Glenys Mann, Associate Professor Beth Saggers, Professor Suzanne Carrington and Dr Sofia Mavropoulou together with colleagues from The University of Queensland examined recent Government inquiries into the education of Australian students with disability to ascertain what progress has…