Educating preservice teachers to teach diverse learners: a focus on teacher educators’ epistemic reflexivities

Project overview

Educating preservice teachers to teach diverse learners. This project aims to investigate links between teacher educators’ reflexive decision making and the preparation of teachers for teaching in socially and culturally diverse Australian classrooms. The project takes a transdisciplinary approach, bridging the fields of epistemic cognition and reflexive decision making, to explore how rigorous teaching can be enacted in socially and culturally diverse classrooms. Expected outcomes include enhanced capacity of those preparing future teachers for new classroom conditions, which will provide benefits for a quality teaching workforce.


ARC Discovery Project


  • Prof Joanne Lunn Brownlee (CI)
  • Prof Leonie Rowan (CI)
  • Prof Mary Ryan (CI)
  • Prof Sue Walker (CI)
  • A/Prof Theresa Bourke (CI)
  • Prof Eva Johansson (PI)
  • Dr Lyra L’Estrange (CI)


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