Community Hub Project

Project overview

This project involved working with students and stakeholders to identify and co-design the infrastructure and service delivery needs for a Community Hub that will be built on the grounds of a high school in 2023.

Several co-design sessions were conducted with students and staff from the school, as well as service delivery stakeholders identified by CHQ. Various co-design methods were used to elicit information about the needs, wants, and preferences of those who would be most likely to use the Community Hub. Methods included card sort activities, personae development to prompt narrative speculation on the needs analysis of potential future users of the Hub, floorplan design, values prioritisation, and activities to explore and build on insights provided by the other stakeholders.

The ideas and insights shared from all stakeholders involved in these co-design sessions will inform the architectural and service design decisions for the Community Hub. The Hub will have a significant impact on the local community when it is built in 2023 and into the future.


Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ)


Key Project Contact: Associate Professor Jenna Gillett-Swan

desk with several sticky notes & papers desk with several sticky notes

Photo: pieces of paper on a table showing drawings of people

High school students walking through corridors