Melissa Close

Outreach and Engagement Officer

Melissa Close

The evolution of systemic reform initiatives for student mental health and wellbeing: An international comparative case-study

Educators play a crucial role in preparing students for an uncertain future, with rapid and profound social, economic, and environmental changes worldwide due to globalization and developments in technology. Providing students with more than just academic instruction is vital for their mental health and wellbeing. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an approach that aims to address and attend to the social and emotional development and wellbeing of children. This proposed study aims to characterise the evolution of SEL within and across the United States and Australia to expand understandings of how SEL is operationalised and whether these processes foster adequate learning and support for student mental health and wellbeing. The study will also provide insight into improved SEL implementation in each context to inform future practice.

Principal Supervisor: Professor Linda Graham

Associate Supervisor: Dr Callula Killingly

Associate Supervisor: Associate Professor Jenna Gillett-Swan