Dr Lyra L'Estrange

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PhD (University of New South Wales)

Dr Lyra L’Estrange’s research and teaching in trauma aware education contributes to redefining support systems for children and adolescents living with the outcomes of complex trauma. Lyra uses her research experience in public health to translate trauma-informed principles into the education space, supporting the understanding of how learning and development is affected by complex trauma. Lyra has worked with parents, educators, and community organisations since 2014 delivering trauma-informed education.

At QUT, Lyra currently teaches undergraduate and post-graduate units in trauma aware education and understanding adverse childhood experiences. Lyra's current research projects employ both quantitative and qualitative research methods and are centred around preparing pre-service teachers for diversity in classrooms, the resolution of complex trauma through trauma-aware education, and neuroscience in early childhood education.

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Lyra engages with organisations seeking to build knowledge in trauma-informed practice and research methods, and holds advisory roles on several projects  working within trauma-informed frameworks.

She is a key member of the Trauma Aware Schooling conference committee (www.traumaawareschooling.com.au) working to bring the latest developments in research and practice to the education community.

Educating Preservice Teachers to Teach Diverse Learners
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