Dr Angelique Howell

Angelique’s PhD in Sociology of Education, entitled ‘Exploring Children’s Experiences of NAPLAN: Beyond the cacophony of adult debate’ was awarded in April 2016 and won the Dean’s Award for Outstanding HDR Theses.

Angelique Howell is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership.  She is particularly interested in addressing the issue of student disengagement through youth-adult partnerships, particularly in marginalised and/or high poverty communities.

Research interests:

  • Student voice
  • Youth-adult partnerships (Y-APs)
  • Youth Participatory Action Research
  • Student engagement
  • Arts-based research

Prior to her current position at QUT, Angelique worked variously as course coordinator, lecturer, and tutor in the Teachers as Researchers, Sociology of Education, and Creativity in Education courses at UQ. She also worked on multiple research projects pertaining to student attendance and engagement in marginalised and/or high poverty communities as well as the Higher Education Learning Framework project. She is still a registered teacher, having worked as a primary/early childhood education teacher from 1991-2010.

Projects (Chief investigator)