Positive Behaviour for Learning: Misconceptions, Myths and Missed Opportunities

Across Australia, education jurisdictions have promoted the use of Positive Behaviour for Learning as a whole-school evidence-based framework to support schools to create safe and supportive learning environments. It might be time, however, to press pause on the scaling of this framework across the country to open a discussion on some of the myths, misconceptions and missed opportunities in relation to the application of this framework across Australian schools. In this lecture, Dr Shiralee Poed addresses some of the implementation challenges alongside potential solutions for anyone working in a school implementing PBL, or considering its application in their school.

Dr Shiralee Poed, University of Melbourne

Positive Behaviour for Learning: Misconceptions, Myths and Missed Opportunities

Dr Shiralee Poed is a Senior Lecturer at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education within the University of Melbourne. She is also the co-chair of Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports Australia. Her career spans 30 years, and includes working as a teacher and leader in Australian state, Catholic and independent primary, secondary and special schools. Prior to commencing at the University of Melbourne in 2011, Shiralee was a lecturer at Griffith University in Queensland. During 2014 and 2015, Shiralee was seconded to the Victorian Department of Education and Training to lead the implementation of PBIS. Her research interests include disability discrimination in education, reducing the use of restrictive interventions, and using Positive Behaviour for Learning with fidelity. 


Start Date: 08/04/2019 [add to calendar]