2022 Inclusive Education Forum (C4IE+TTRG)

Diverse students in classroom

What’s the difference between inclusive education and education for social justice?

In this inaugural joint Forum, researchers from The Centre for Inclusive Education and Teachers and Teaching Research Group come together to discuss dangerous dilemmas concerning understandings of education for social justice and inclusive education. Presenters wrestle with questions around equal opportunity and who to include, the importance of language, avoiding the assimilatory dangers of inclusion, balancing rights, and the implications for curriculum, pedagogy and the structures of schooling.

Professor Martin Mills, Director, Teachers and Teaching Research Group, QUT

Education for Social Justice

Professor Linda Graham, Director, Centre for Inclusive Education (C4IE), QUT

Inclusive Education: A way to achieve social justice for all

Associate Professor Jennifer Alford

Responding to the policy space – the case of CALD/EAL/D learners and Inclusive Education

Associate Professor Jennifer Alford and Associate Professor Terri Bourke

What’s in a name? Key terms and what they do and don’t mean

Lori LockyerProfessor Lori Lockyer

Professor Lori Lockyer is the Executive Dean of QUT’s Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice and an internationally recognised expert in education and educational technology. Her research has achieved practical impact through the design and implementation of innovative, award-winning learning environments and the professional development of educators.

Jen AlfordAssociate Professor Jennifer Alford

Jennifer is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice, at QUT. She is a current ARC DECRA Fellow (2021-2023) exploring critical reading with migrant and refugee-background youth in and out of school. She coordinates and teaches units related to English Curriculum Studies and English as an Additional Language and Dialect EAL/D) in the Bachelor of Education, QUT.

Terri BourkeAssociate Professor Terri Bourke

Terri is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice, at QUT. She is the co-leader of C4IE’s Curriculum and Leaning Program. Her main areas of research are in standardisation, accountability and professional standards in teacher education. As a geographer, she also research in geography education around assessment.

Haley TancrediHaley Tancredi

Haley is a PhD candidate at QUT, where she is investigating the impact of teachers’ use of accessible pedagogies on the classroom experiences, engagement and learning outcomes of students with language and attentional difficulties. Haley is a Senior Research Assistant in the Centre for Inclusive Education and is also currently working on the Central Queensland Region Inclusion Action Research Project.


Location: QUT, Kelvin Grove Campus, KG-E550 [link to map]
Start Date: 06/05/2022 [add to calendar]
Cost: Free
Organiser: Centre for Inclusive Education and Teachers & Teaching Research Group