2019 Inclusive Education Forum

Inclusive education is a human right that enables all other rights. At the 2019 Inclusive Education Forum, Professor Linda Graham launched her new edited book titled ‘Inclusive Education for the 21st Century’ and a free, online course titled ‘Inclusive Education: Essential knowledge for success’. These resources have been developed to help all stakeholders understand what inclusive education really is (and isn’t). Authors gave presentations and discussed how we can make inclusive education a reality for all students. Click on the images to view each presentation.

Professor Linda Graham, QUT

Inclusive Education for the 21st Century

Ms Catia Malaquias, All Means All

Why do we have human rights?

Associate Professor Elizabeth Walton, University of Nottingham

What is inclusive language and why is it so important?

Dr Kate de Bruin, Monash University

The evidence for inclusion

Dr Shiralee Poed, University of Melbourne

The laws underpinning inclusive education

Ms Loren Swancutt, Queensland Department of Education

Making Supplementary, Substantial and Extensive Adjustments

Dr Glenys Mann, QUT

Building effective partnerships with parents


Start Date: 06/12/2019 [add to calendar]