2017 QUT Inclusive Education Forum – What do we need to DO to make inclusion happen?

On Wednesday 6 September 2017, #SELB hosted the Inclusive Education Forum in partnership with CRU, All Means All, and the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

Alastair McEwin (Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner)

Inclusive education: Assumptions, expectations, outcomes

Dr Lisa Bridle (Community Resource Unit Ltd)

Parent advocacy for inclusive schools: The critical role of families in speaking out for change

Catia Malaquias (Starting with Julius & All Mean All – Australian Alliance for Inclusive Education)

Human right to inclusive education: Meaning and scope as explained by General Comment No. 4 on Article 24 UN CRPD

Dr Kate De Bruin (Monash University)

Needs-based adjustment: The NCCD is about teaching, not just reporting

Professor Linda Graham (Queensland University of Technology)

What is ‘quality differentiated practice’ and why does it matter?

Loren Swancutt (Thuringowa State High School)

Thuringowa State High School: A case study in inclusive school reform


Start Date: 06/09/2017 [add to calendar]