C4IE Members


  • Professor Linda Graham

    Linda J. Graham is Director of The Centre for Inclusive Education (C4IE) and a Professor in the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice at QUT. Her research investigates the role of education policy and schooling practices in the development of disruptive student behaviour and the improvement of responses...

Centre Staff

Leadership Team

Curriculum and Learning Program

  • Associate Professor Terri Bourke

  • Dr Callula Killingly

    Dr Callula Killingly is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in The Centre for Inclusive Education (C4IE) at QUT and a member of the Accessible Assessment ARC Linkage Team (LP180100830). Her research interests include learning and memory processes, language and literacy development, and music cognition. Callula’s doctoral work examined the cognitive processes...

Inclusion and Exclusion Program

  • Dr Sofia Mavropoulou

    Dr Sofia Mavropoulou is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Early Childhood & Inclusive Education and Study Area Coordinator for the area of Inclusive Education (Master of Education) in the Faculty of Education. As a recipient of a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation and Durham University...

Health and Wellbeing Program

  • Associate Professor Jenna Gillett-Swan

    Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan is an Associate Professor and researcher in the Faculty of CI, Education, and Social Justice at QUT. Her research focuses on wellbeing, rights, voice, inclusion, and participation. She also specialises in qualitative child-centred participatory research methodologies. Jenna is the co-leader for the Voice and Wellbeing Research Program...

  • Associate Professor Kristin Laurens

    My primary research interests are in child and youth mental health. I conduct multi-disciplinary longitudinal research projects that use cognitive neuroscience and life-course epidemiology methods to characterise developmental pathways from childhood to diverse health, social, and educational outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood. I am motivated to identify new prevention...


  • Dr Francis Bobongie-Harris

    Dr Francis Bobongie-Harris is a Lecturer and Researcher in the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice at QUT. Her research focuses on Indigenous Education in Australia and the Pacific and Australian South Sea Islander Policy, History and Cultural studies. She specialises in qualitative, ethnographic, narrative, community – led...

  • Professor Suzanne Carrington

    Suzanne is a Professor in The Centre for Inclusive Education (C4IE) and a member of the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice. Suzanne’s areas of expertise are in inclusive education, ethical leadership for inclusive schools, disability and teacher preparation for inclusive schools. She has engaged in research to inform...

  • Associate Professor Jill Willis

    Jill Willis is an Associate Professor in Education. She evaluates the social structures of assessment and learning spaces, to make recommendations for improving teacher and student agency. Her current projects include co-leading the ARC Linkage Accessible Assessment; and the ARC Linkage Thriving in Vertical Schools. She is the Australian lead researcher...

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