How to become a better, kinder leader

Image shows a poster of the podcast: has a picture of professor Suzanne Carrington smiling. She wears glasses and a bright orange top. She has long curly hair and wears glasses. The right bottom corner, a text appear " your host Marianne Power" next to the image of a woman smiling. She has long brown hair. Next to it a text appears: "Classroom 5.0 with Suzanne Carrington and a drawing of a light bulb. A text box appears on the top right corner with the text; "S3 Episode 3 Now live! Click to listen".

In this podcast, Marianne Power, host of the podcast Classroom 5.0 The future of learning interviews Professor Suzanne Carrington who talks about inclusive education and the power of transformative leadership. Listen and read about this podcast episode here


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