Dr Megan Roser

    Queensland X-Ray Clinical Research Masters Student

    MD, BSc (Physiology)

    Dr Megan Roser commenced her Masters project in February 2021 as part of a 2 year clinical/masters position with the Biomechanics & Spine Research Group in association with the Queensland University of Technology and the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH). This position is proudly supported by Queensland X-Ray and the QCH. Megan’s project will analyse the outcomes of skeletally immature patients with scoliosis who have undergone a Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) procedure. This relatively new surgical technique utilizes a flexible tether to modulate the growth of the spine and halt curve progression. Compared to the traditional surgical technique of spinal fusion, this innovative procedure allows the patient to keep their spinal flexibility and also allows the spine to continue growing.

    This data will provide valuable new information that can be useful in determining effective early intervention treatment options for patients with progressive spinal deformities.