Dr Fraser Labrom

    Higher Degree Masters Student

    BSc (Biomedical Sciences, extended Major), MD (UQ 2022), MPhil (under examination UQ)

    Fraser Labrom commenced his MPhil with the BSRG in 2020, after previously working with the group in 2018 during his undergraduate Biomedical Sciences studies. This work investigated bone metabolism biomarkers in paediatric scoliosis. While completing his medical degree at the University of Queensland, Fraser’s clinician-scientist MD-MPhil program afforded him the opportunity to concurrently pursue both his medical studies and exciting new research topics in the field of spinal biomechanics. Fraser’s higher research degree with the spine research group at QUT focused on the growth patterns of paediatric scoliosis as it develops in the growing adolescent using a unique sequential MRI dataset provided by the BSRG team. The project characterised, for the first time, the 3D patterns of scoliosis as it developed. This work will contribute to the improvement of scoliosis screening methods, especially early detection, and ultimately the overall healthcare outcomes for these patients. Fraser completed all the milestones required for his MPhil in December 2022 and is on track to have his Masters awarded in early 2023. Fraser’s supervisory team included: Adjunct Professor Geoff Askin, Associate Professor Paige Little, Maree Izatt and Dr Andrew Claus.