Dr Catherine Choi

    Queensland X-Ray Clinical Research Masters Student

    MD, BSc

    Dr Catherine Choi commenced her Masters project in 2019 as part of a 2 year clinical/masters position with the Biomechanics and Spine Research Group in association with the Queensland University of Technology and the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH). This position is proudly supported by Queensland X-Ray and the QCH.

    Catherine’s project utilised a world first sequential 3D MRI dataset of healthy adolescents to gain a better understanding of the changes in anatomy, shape and alignment of the spine during normal growth. This work provided valuable new information that described the typical growth behaviour and rate of growth of young Australian girls.  This work was valuable as it provided a better understanding of how spine deformities develop in adolescence which will influence effective treatment options for adolescents with progressive spinal deformities.

    Healthy Spine
    Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis