Addison Suhr

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Research Associate

B.Bus. (Economics) / B.Tech. (Computer Science)

Addison commenced working with the QUT BSRG team in July 2022.  Her skills and expertise in computer science were sought after to assist the team to develop a smart device app, the ‘myScoliosis’ app.  Addison was awarded a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2020 (QUT), followed closely by a second Bachelor of Economics in 2022 (QUT).
Addison has previously been heavily involved in research on applications of Computer Vision and AI for ecology and conservation, and has developed data management systems for use in large-scale AI-driven conservation efforts.
Addison is currently developing BSRG’s myScoliosis app, and 3D photogrammetry and analysis tools for use in remote spinal deformity healthcare.