Paediatric Spine Deformity

The BSRG’s Paediatric Spine Deformity research is clinically driven with the aim of improving the understanding of the clinical and biomechanical factors related to the progression and management of spine deformity in both children and adolescents. This research is now possible as a result of the development of detailed databases of patients who have innovative surgical interventions for progressive spinal deformity such as; thoracoscopic scoliosis correction surgery, thoracoscopic vertebral body tethering and semi-constrained growing rods for early onset spinal deformity. Medical imaging datasets (MRI scans, EOS imaging and low dose CT scans) also allow ongoing research into spine deformity with the aim of contributing to current knowledge and ultimately to new interventions and treatments.

Early onset Scoliosis Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Current Research Activity in this Area