Bespoke Theatre Mattresses

Bespoke theatre mattresses for complex paediatric surgery cases are being designed and manufactured in Brisbane by the QUT BSRG Team and Sealy of Australia.

The target cases are young patients with complex disorders that are:

  • unable to be positioned safely during surgery
  • undergoing extended or prolonged periods of surgery
  • at high risk of intra-operative complications due to their underlying conditions
  • not able to be supported by standard theatre positioning equipment due to their atypical anatomy or medical needs.

The Design and Manufacture Pipeline involves:

  • 3D non-contact Surface Scanner captures multiple, high resolution pictures of the patients anatomy
  • 3D Virtual Model of the young patient is created digitally
  • The mattress is engineered to the desired custom design by adapting the 3D Virtual Model to accommodate critical anatomy or devices as well as any potential regions of high tissue pressure
  • The bespoke mattress is manufactured to support the patient exactly to the desired specifications to relieve or avoid potential pressure on soft tissues or bony anatomy.
Custom mattress shaped to exact specifications for the individual to ensure safe & complication free surgery
The patient’s unique chest surface fits perfectly into their bespoke mattress – ready for their lengthy surgery













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