Medical Engineering Lab

Our medical engineering laboratory is home to an industrial 6 degree-of-freedom robotic testing facility, “George”, used for mechanical characterisation of musculoskeletal systems and tissues. ‘George’ is capable of complex multi-axis motion and using custom-programming, applies motion to single or multi-segmental samples to replicate physiological movements of the spine. In combination with load-torque sensors attached to the Robot frame and dedicated motion capture equipment (Optotrak Certus with ability to track 20+ individual bodies), this facility can provide comparative mechanics for both intact and implanted spinal segments.


Testing multi-segment spine sample using 6 dof robot

Capabilities offered in the Medical Engineering Lab:

  • Biological material testing (PC2 rated)
  • Single and multi-axis mechanical testing
  • 3D rapid protyping
  • in vitro animal/cadaveric tissue characterisation

Come and visit George!