Our headquarters are based in the Centre for Children’s Health Research, which is located next to Qld Children’s Hospital campus in South Brisbane.  We conduct our research at specialised facilities located across Brisbane that enable our staff and students to realise our mission of improving the understanding and treatment of spinal disorders.

“George” the six-axis mechanical testing robot at QUT Gardens Point Campus

We conduct our research at specialised facilities located around Brisbane:

  • Centre for Children’s Health Research (CCHR) Laboratory.
    • The CCHR Lab is our core non-invasive assessment laboratory, dedicated to developing non-invasive and non-contact assessment methods to characterise an individual person’s spinal shape and biomechanics.
  • QUT Medical Engineering laboratories at the Gardens Point Campus
    • The Medical Engineering Labs provide a specialised mechanical testing facility for biomedical investigations. This facility is used for both basic science research as well as industry-focused assessment of implant biomechanical performance.
  • QUT Medical Engineering Research Facility at the Prince Charles Hospital
    • The Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF) supports medical devices research and development in a state-of-the-art QUT facility. We carry out biomechanical testing and tissue characterisation in the fully equipped, PC2 rated labs at MERF. MERF also houses our live animal facility and facilitates our cadaveric testing capabilities.
  • ComSim Lab
    • The ComSim Lab is focussed at improving spinal health through developing computer models and simulation techniques to advance our clinically oriented research and services.