Medtronic recognised for support of QUT Biomechanics & Spine Research Group

Research staff with Elizabeth Berry from Medtronic
BSRG team members (from Left) Rachel Chalmers, Maree Izatt, Lionel Rayward and Selina Ho with Elizabeth Berry, Medtronic’s Director of Spinal Technologies (second from Left)
David Sloan, QUT Advancement Office with Elizabeth Berry, Medtronic Director of Spine Technologies at QCF Nominees Event held June 5 at Parliament House, Brisbane.












The QUT BSRG team nominated Medtronic, a global healthcare technology company, for the prestigious Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) Philanthropy Awards.

The nomination¬†recognizes Medtronic’s ongoing commitment to supporting the research conducted by the QUT Biomechanics & Spine Research Group (BSRG). The partnership between Medtronic and QUT has contributed significantly to the advancement of clinical research activities, benefiting patients with spinal deformities, and furthering scientific knowledge in this field.

Associate Professor Paige Little, BSRG Research Director, expressed her enthusiasm for nominating Medtronic, stating, “We are honoured to nominate Medtronic for the QCF Philanthropy Awards. Their unwavering support and dedication to improving healthcare outcomes in our community have made a significant impact. Through their philanthropic initiatives, Medtronic has demonstrated a true commitment to making a difference and positively influencing the lives of those in need.”

The collaboration between Medtronic and the QUT Biomechanics & Spine Research Group dates back to the group’s establishment in 2002. Medtronic has provided vital general research activity support over the years, which has been instrumental in the group’s successes to date.¬† Our work aims to better understand the progression of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and explore innovative surgical treatments for early-onset and adolescent spinal deformity sufferers.

Prof. Geoffrey Askin, a member of the research team, highlighted the significance of Medtronic’s philanthropic support, stating, “As a healthcare professional, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of Medtronic’s philanthropic support in Queensland. Their generous contributions, whether through financial support, employee volunteering, or donations of medical equipment, have greatly benefited our local community. Medtronic’s commitment to improving healthcare access and outcomes is truly commendable, and they are well-deserving of their nomination in the QCF Philanthropy awards.”

The QUT Biomechanics & Spine Research Group has made remarkable strides, published 135 international scientific journal articles and presenting numerous conference presentations. They have successfully supervised numerous graduate students, and their current research focuses on the mechanobiology of the growing adolescent spine, clinical databases of surgical treatments for spinal deformity, and the analysis of cosmesis in adolescent scoliosis patients.

Clinical Research Coordinator for the BSRG team, Maree Izatt, emphasized the unique nature of their research program and the valuable knowledge it generates. She stated, “To our knowledge, this is a ‘world-first’ research program, which will provide invaluable knowledge in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis progression mechanisms as well as new knowledge on how the healthy adolescent spine grows.”

The partnership between Medtronic and the QUT Biomechanics & Spine Research Group has not only fostered innovative research but has also resulted in the formation of the Medtronic Centre of Excellence. This collaboration offers Spine Fellows an immersive educational experience, enhancing their knowledge in paediatric spine deformity surgery and spine deformity research.

Medtronic’s philanthropic contributions have had a transformative impact on the research conducted by the QUT Biomechanics & Spine Research Group. Their ongoing support has facilitated ground-breaking studies, improved surgical techniques, and advanced understanding of spinal deformities. As Medtronic is nominated for the Queensland Community Foundation Philanthropy Awards, their dedication to enhancing healthcare outcomes in Queensland is rightfully recognised.