BSRG Spine Surgeon, Dr Simon Gatehouse, awarded Best Clinician Presentation at SSAV 2020

Dr Simon Gatehouse pictured at work

Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Simon Gatehouse (& co-authors Izatt MT, Labrom RD, Askin GN, Grant CA, Pivonka P, Little JP) was awarded the “Alastair Robson Award” by the Spine Society of Australia (SSA). This award is presented annually at the SSA Scientific Meeting for the most outstanding contribution by a clinician in clinical practice. The presentation was entitled, “Immediate effect of spinal bracing on curve magnitude in coronal and axial planes in adolescent scoliosis utilizing EOSTM  imaging.” The work presented was from Dr Gatehouse’s QUT Masters project which used low dose EOSTM imaging to better understand the mechanisms by which scoliosis bracing controls curve progression in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis.

This Best Presentation Award became known as the Alastair Robson Award in 2012 after the death of pioneering Neurosurgeon Dr Alastair Geoffrey Robson (1926-2011) who shared his skills and expertise in spine surgery with his fellow surgeons as one of the founding members of the Facet Club in 1970 that went on to become the Spine Society of Australia from 1990.