Bespoke Surgical Support vital for Successful Surgery

Sometimes a child or adult needs spine surgery but the logistics of a complex and very lengthy surgery can cause headaches for the surgical team!  Some patients have health conditions or deformities that result in them being unable to lie prone on a standard operating table for an extended period without creating unacceptable pressure injuries or life threatening circulatory problems.

These patients can be children, teenagers or adults but all have in common that they require a unique solution to make their surgery possible.

This is were our collaboration between our Spine Orthopaedic Surgeons, the BSRG research team and Sealy of Australia comes to the fore!

The Solution?

The BSRG’s Associate Professor Paige Little discusses the medical and logistical issues with our Orthopaedic Surgeons and together they come up with a plan to make the impossible surgery possible.  A 3D surface scan is performed and a mattress is designed on the computer that supports the patient’s anatomy perfectly as well as offloading pressure from the danger points highlighted by the surgeon. The design is sent to Sealy of Australia (Brisbane) who painstakingly create a mattress block from a series of cross-sectional profiles that are hand traced onto 50-75 foam sections.  All these foam pieces are then glued together to form a mattress that has a 3D imprint which perfectly fits the design provided by the QUT BSRG surgeon-engineer team. This creative application of multi-disciplinary skills provides an extremely rewarding, unique 3D solution which has seen 7 of these custom surgical mattresses used successfully in Brisbane.