Pitching Masterclass

Learn what it takes to successfully pitch your product or idea to prospective partners and investors in an informal, supportive workshop setting, at our Pitching Masterclass.

This is an excellent professional development opportunity exclusively for our 2022 program participants.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to improve your two-minute pitch for the PitchTech Competition. You can find out more about the PitchTech Competition on Blackboard.

In this session esteemed pitching coach, Peter Browne, will guide you through the following considerations to help you develop a successful pitch:

  • ‚Äčthe strength of the science supporting your idea
  • any issues with the ownership of underlying intellectual property
  • unmet patient needs, and the market being addressed
  • the amount of funds sought and how the funds will be used
  • the potential time to commercialisation and expected returns
  • presentation content, style, and delivery.


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Start Date: 19/05/2022 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 2pm
End Time: 3:30pm