BridgeTech alumni announce first international distributorship

BridgeTech alumnus Dr Christoph Meinert’s QUT-based biotech startup, Gelomics, has recently announced their first international distributorship for their innovative 3D Cell Culture product range with MediPL Biolabs in Korea.

Gelomics is rapidly growing to become a world-leading provider of fully integrated 3D cell, organoid, and tissue culture technologies that drastically improve the translational value of cell-based research and reduce the requirements for animal experimentation. As well as BridgeTech alumni, Gelomics have been Advance Queensland Ignite Fund recipients.

“The partnership with MediPL Bio-Labs Co., Ltd. provides an exciting growth opportunity and enables us to extend our presence in South Korea. In line with our mission to provide outstanding product quality and customer service, this partnership will ease access to our game-changing 3D cell culture technologies by offering local support and on-site stock for even quicker deliveries and customer support”, says Dr Meinert.

Read more about Gelomics milestone achievement (PDF file)

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