The BridgeTech Program is a national professional development program that helps researchers and entrepreneurs learn how to successfully navigate the medtech commercialisation pathway and bring products to market.

Convened and administered by QUT, the program is a collaboration of medtech companies, universities, and industry associations. The program gives participants the skills and networks they need to succeed in the medtech industry through online training, webinars, a speaker series, and a 3-day symposium. Up to 80 people are selected to participate each year, which is accessible from anywhere in Australia.

Launched in 2018, the BridgeTech Program was awarded industry-matched funding through both MTPConnect’s Project Fund Program and the Medical Research Future Fund’s Biomedical Translation Bridge Program (BTB), and now the Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) Program. To learn more, visit the MTPConnect website.