The Bridge Program trains researchers and entrepreneurs on how to effectively navigate the pharmaceutical commercialisation pathway.

Launched in 2017, the program selects up to 100 participants annually from across Australia to take part in face-to-face and online training in the scientific, legal, financial, clinical, regulatory and reimbursement disciplines that contribute to research translation and the commercialisation of medicines.

Participants benefit from direct exposure to networking opportunities with top pharmaceutical companies operating globally.


About the Program


  • Module 1: Sector Characteristics – Pathways and Players
  • Module 2: Research Commercialisation Planning
  • Module 3: Navigating Regulatory and Reimbursement Pathways
  • Module 4: Entrepreneurial Skills to Optimise Commercialisation



The program combines face-to-face, online and blended learning technologies on commercialisation and drug development.

As part of the program, there is a seminar series that aims to visit each of the major capital cities throughout the year and is livestreamed for interstate participants. These are held ad hoc and though encouraged, attendance is not obligatory.

The Bridge Symposium, the main event of the program, spans 3 days and is held in the same city as AusBiotech to maximise the opportunity to create new networks. The timing of the Symposium is also neighboured with AusBiotech and attendance is obligatory for participants.


Who should participate?

The program is particularly suited to meet the needs of the following roles looking to expand their knowledge and networks in the commercialisation sphere:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mid-career researchers and scientists
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Legal practitioners including Intellectual Property Lawyers and Patent Attorneys
  • Business development managers
  • Staff from university technology transfer offices
  • Staff from government agencies