What is the Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program is a year-long training program on the scientific, legal, financial, clinical, regulatory and reimbursement elements of pharmaceutical commercialisation.

It offers online learning materials complemented by a series of events, activities and seminars held around Australia.

Who participates?

Up to 100 participants are selected annually from across Australia to take part in the program. It is suited to mid-career professionals looking to expand their commercialisation knowledge and networks, including:

  • researchers
  • scientists
  • entrepreneurs
  • legal practitioners (including IP and patents)
  • clinicians
  • venture capitalists
  • business development personnel
  • staff from regulatory and government agencies.

A pharmaceutical or biotech background and a demonstrated interest in commercialisation is essential.

Successful applicants are selected by members of our partner consortium based on suitability to the program’s learning objectives, what applicants aim to gain from the program, and stage of career.

The benefits

  • Access interactive online learning materials delivered by QUT at your own pace from anywhere around Australia.
  • Connect with industry leaders in the Australian biotech ecosystem.
  • Network with peers at events including the three-day Symposium.
  • Join an alumni community of over 900 industry professionals.
  • Learn from the experts through our seminar series, presented by some of the biggest names in the business.
  • Pitch your ideas and receive real-world feedback from industry experts in our pitch competition. Winners receive a fully-funded industry immersion experience.
  • Access opportunities including our Industry Fellowships Program.
  • There are no fees. Our program is completely funded by industry partners and government as part of an initiative to grow Australia’s pharmaceutical and biotech industry capabilities.

Course structure and delivery

Online learning

The program’s modules are hosted on QUT’s interactive online learning platform.

There are four modules to complete, focusing on:

  • Sector characteristics – pathways and players
  • Research commercialisation planning
  • Navigating regulatory and reimbursement pathways
  • Entrepreneurial skills to optimise commercialisation.

You can complete the modules throughout the year at your own pace.

Events and activities

The program hosts an event and seminar series, held in different locations around the country throughout the year. These events are livestreamed for interstate participants.

Events are co-hosted with our industry and university partner organisations, and include onsite facility tours and networking sessions. To make the most of the industry networking opportunities, we highly recommend attending events in person.

2023 Symposium event

The flagship event of the program is a 3-Day Symposium, to be held from 29-31 October in Brisbane. This event includes:

  • in-depth seminars and industry case studies
  • an industry-hosted collaborative activity
  • an invitation to the Gala dinner
  • invaluable networking opportunities with fellow participants and pharmaceutical industry leaders.

Participant expectations

As a minimum requirement, to complete the program you’ll need to:

  • complete the online modules
  • attend the 3-day Symposium.

The time it takes to complete the modules will depend on your prior knowledge and experience. Combined with participating in events, the program can take approximately one day per month to complete.

Participants gain the most benefit when they attend as many events as they can, engage with the course content and collaborative activities, and make the most of the networking opportunities.


The Bridge Program is subsidised by our industry partners and government as part of an initiative to grow Australia’s medtech industry capabilities, so there are no fees to be involved in the program.

Travel and accommodation are to be self funded for the Symposium. Your entry fee, food and beverages are covered during the event.

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