Process Science & Business Process Management

Process Science is an emerging field of scientific endeavour that incorporates contributions from various research disciplines including information systems, computer science, and business process management (BPM) to combine IT and business perspectives, with the ultimate goal of improving an organisation’s business operations and interorganisational value chains. Process Science seeks to exploit the ever increasing volume of process-related data and advanced data analytics to increase the understanding, visibility, effectiveness and efficiency of processes within an organisation. As such, it is a significant contributor to an organisation’s overall performance and competitiveness, and a key enabler of organisational innovation and transformation.

Global leaders in the field

QUT is regarded as one of the leading institutions in terms of Process Science research, BPM research and education, industry engagement and ultimately impact. The Process Science group is based in the Information Systems School, an area that received a ‘well above world standard’ ranking (5/5) in the 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia assessment. Members of the Process Science group have authored several influential books in the field, and our researchers are regular keynote speakers at worldwide conferences. QUT is one of the very few universities offering a dedicated Masters in Business Process Management and has been recognised by Forrester as one of the top five providers of corporate BPM education globally.

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