Research Interests

Technical, computational and integration issues

  • How to lighten computational and communication complexity in blockchain?
  • How to develop efficient consensus mechanism exploiting advances in cryptography?
  • How to integrate blockchain with workflow systems to enable seamless and streamlined process execution across multiple different parties?

User- and customer-centric, adoption studies

  • What determines the trust of consumers in a blockchain technology, what determines their decision to use the new technology?
  • How do individuals and organisations come to a shared understanding about complex, fluid technologies like blockchain and how does this influence its innovation and application potential?
  • Develop new understandings of smart contracts that are legally acceptable and satisfy end user requirements.

Business, managerial and governance issues

  • How to setup appropriate governance of blockchain?
  • Can blockchain modernise the use of decision rights in the modern corporation?
  • Can blockchain provide new opportunities for social enterprises where they attempt to balance economic and social goals?
  • How can blockchain enable new ways of doing business and organizing, with a focus on business model innovation, in particular platforms such as those for sharing or crowdsourcing?

Blockchain in selected industries

  • What new skills are required from accountants and how is the accounting industry and its tasks adjusting given the advancements in blockchain?
  • How will auditing of financial processes change as a result of blockchain?
  • How should policy and governing bodies proactively re-design their administrative processes and policies to leverage blockchain?
  • What is the blockchain adoption by the public sector?
  • The challenges and feasibility of blockchain systems for the development of commercial publishing projects in terms of rights management, royalties and audience incentives appropriate for both publisher and author.
  • Prototypes for a decentralised book publishing model that delivers smart-contract enabled transactions for the book publishing industry.
  • The transferability of blockchain models and principles developed for the book publishing industry and key segments of the value chain for other media production sectors (such as the screen sector).
  • Approaches to evaluate the effectiveness of blockchain/distributed ledger technology in food security.
  • How might blockchain change the nature of organisational fundraising (i.e. equity and debt), particularly in areas such as infrastructure?