Jock McQueenie

    BFA Hons 1, University Medal, UTAS

    John (Jock) McQueenie’s background is as an artist and arts educator. He is the founder and director of 3C Projects, a consultancy practice specialising in the design of cross sector and trans disciplinary creative partnerships. 3C projects contribute to social/digital inclusion, encourage creativity in corporate social investment and provide jobs and professional development for creative professionals throughout Australia and Aotearoa/NZ. (3Cs -Community Culture, Commerce).

    Abstract:  Intermediation as Practice: Joining the dots between community, culture and commerce

    This historical moment is an uncertain one for the arts sector in terms of its authority, its relevance and its sustainability. But at the same time, there has never been a greater demand for creativity or potential for new ways of working and engaging with communities and business. And yet the discourse around sustainability remains fixated upon patronage and philanthropy: conceptions from the last century, and the one before that.

    This research explores how we can conceive, negotiate, design and implement alternative methodologies that go beyond benefaction. Its key focus is on the role of the intermediary in the navigation of the spaces between community, culture and commerce