Dr Felicity Deane

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Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology), Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Monash University), BCom (University of Queensland), LLB (University of Queensland)

Dr Felicity Deane is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. Felicity completed a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland in 1999. Immediately following graduation Felicity commenced work and study in the United States in the disciplines of accounting and law. She commenced PhD studies in December 2009 at Queensland University of Technology. Her PhD entitled, ‘The Clean Energy Package and WTO Law: An Analysis of Compliance Issues’ was subsequently completed in August 2013. In January 2014 Felicity commenced her time as a lecturer within the QUT law school on the early career academic program. She has published several articles on the topic of emissions trading, market based mechanisms and the WTO Law. Her book ‘Emissions Trading and WTO Law: A Global Analysis’ was published in March 2015. She has published extensively in areas where economics and the law intersect, in particular regarding emissions trading and other forms of market based mechanisms. Most recently she led a multidisciplinary project which analysed the Regulation of Sugarcane farming practices in Queensland, and has particularly reviewed the option of using a cap and trade model for this regulation. Felicity’s most recent research interest is in the area of Blockchain technology and its use to promote sustainable agricultural practices and food security.


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