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Master Class

Foth, M., & Powell, W.: Blockchain and distributed ledger technology: Opportunities and implications for managers.

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Teaching of Blockchain

Blockchain is taught in many of QUT’s courses across various of our Faculties. Here an overview about units, in which we cover blockchain.

  • LLB142: The Regulation of Business – Smart Contracts and Blockchain
  • LWN075: International Commercial Transactions – Blockchain and the International supply chain (maritime)
  • LLB347: Tax Law –CGT and Cryptocurrency
  • KPB325: Screen Issues –Transforming rights management, royalties and distribution models for the screen production sector via blockchain
  • KPB121: Screen Business –The potentialities of blockchain for film and television business practices and economics
  • AYB221 Accounting Systems and Analytics
  • IAB270 Digital Innovation. As part of an assignment, students have to develop an innovative idea using blockchain. This can include blockchain for open innovation, innovation markets, crowdsourcing, open source, intellectual property, etc. A lecture on blockchain explains the basics of the underlying technology and provides an overview of its current applications


Foth, M., & Powell, W. The Promise of Blockchain for Food & Agriculture. Invited talk at the QUT Blockchain Research Seminar Series, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD