About Blockchain

Blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is highly distributed making it incorruptible. This makes Blockchain valuable as it allows recording various types of transactions based on a decentralised model of trust. Most well known as the essential technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain is now explored for in various industries beyond the obvious financial scenarios, such as supply chain management, energy markets or government services (e.g., property records). Blockchain is developing rapidly and related research covers a variety to topics such as security, computational models, business model innovation or Blockchain deployment across multiple sectors.

QUT’s Blockchain Capability

QUT’s blockchain research portfolio covers a plethora of important investigations including the potential of blockchain in sectors such as government, auditing, supply chain management and publishing industry, its impact on new business models, related implications for fields such as accounting and regulation as well as technical challenges such as computational performance, security issues, process integration and the interactions of humans with the technology. Researchers engaged in the topic work in faculties and schools ranging from Mathematics, Cryptology, Information Technology, Information Systems, Creative Industries, Design, Business, Accounting, Marketing and Behavioural Economics.

QUT Capability Statement Blockchain