Australian Biomass for Bioenergy Assessment

Project dates: 01/07/2015 - Ongoing

This project will deliver a national database of biomass resources for the potential production of bioenergy across Australia. Australia’s nascent bioenergy industry has clearly articulated the lack of reliable information on biomass feedstocks as a significant roadblock to the development of bioenergy projects across the nation. This was further identified as a national priority for primary industries in the development of the Bioenergy RD&E strategy and implementation plans.

The primary aim of this project will be to address these identified issues and reduce or remove these barriers. Project outputs will include a detailed analysis of the types, volumes and locations of potential bioenergy feed-stocks in each state. This information will be collated and presented spatially through the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure interface. Proponents will then interrogate the information and locate opportunities for bioenergy investment considering: proximity of biomass to infrastructure; energy supply and availability of labour.

Further development of the platform will include analysis of the quantities of practically available feedstocks and market price scenarios. Targeted surveys and workshops will establish indicative price points for examined feedstocks, and ascertain what proportion of the total biomass produced would be sustainably available for purchase by a prospective bioenergy proponent.