Ms Hania Asad

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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (James Cook University)

Masters of Project Management (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and Masters of Project Management from RMIT University. Currently working as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy (CAB), Queensland University of Technology. My passion and career aspirations is to build my career in the project management sector.

My role within the Centre is very diverse, I work with the Biorefining and Bioprocessing Groups on project administration, communication and extension activities. I am currently working in the Biorefineries for Profit project as a project administrator. I recently took up the position of part-time Project Manager for the $1.13M Cotton NLP Project. I also work on other projects within the Centre, these include BlockTexx, ARENA and Wastes to Profits projects.