Dr Jo-Anne Blinco

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B.Sc (Hons) James Cook University

  • Thesis: ‘Molasses upgrading to value added products – Optimisation of yeast growth and RNA extraction’. Won the Student Project Award for Industrial Chemistry (Gold medal) from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for honours thesis

PhD James Cook University

  • Thesis: Conversion of sugar industry by-products to value-added chemicals’
  • CSR Scholarship

Masters of Business Administration, Southern Cross University


Jo began her career as a researcher which gave her a good basis in the application of analytics to solve complex problems. Having studied Industrial and Applied Chemistry/Engineering subjects, Jo’s research projects were focused on how research may be applied within an industrial context. After completing an MBA Jo took up positions within industry which gave her the opportunity to focus on how to apply research and innovation from within business. This also gave Jo an opportunity to further develop skills in: business strategy; design and maintenance of quality & environmental systems; R&D management etc. While this experience served to enhance Jo’s insight into industry/business this also limited her publication opportunities, hence many of my reports to date have been commercial in confidence.  These reports have been well received my employers & have led to process improvements as well as increased business revenue/savings.