Dr James Strong

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PhD: Biotechnology

MSc: Microbiology

BSc Honours: Physical and Polymer Chemistry


My focus is converting organic residues into higher value products, or extracting components that are of value or use to other processes. Currently, I am looking at fungal biomass and enzyme synthesis.

Processes that I have worked on include enzyme synthesis, fungal and bacterial biomass production, methane generation, volatile fatty acid production, ethanol production and cyanobacterial secondary metabolite production. I also have experience with protein purification, biosolids degradation, wet air oxidation, denitrification, ammonia removal and wastewater remediation.

I am interested in any research that has an applied focus and happy to collaborate or consult. I try to provide solutions to problems, improve or integrate processes, or at the very least steer people in the direction of researchers or resources that can provide answers or solutions.


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