Dr Marguerite Renouf

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PhD (University of Queensland)

Bachelor of Science with Honours (Chemistry/ Environmental Management, University of Queensland)

Marguerite Renouf is a Senior Research Fellow (Circular Bioeconomy) at the QUT Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy (CAB). She is responsible for progressing research that quantifies the environmental performance and resource efficiency of bio-production and agri-food systems to support the strategic development of sustainable and circular production pathways for the future.

Marguerite trained as an industrial chemist and has worked in industry, consulting and research in Australia and overseas. Much of her research career over the last 20 years has been directed to evaluating environmental impacts and eco-efficiency opportunities for agri-based production systems (bio-fuels, bio-materials, food and beverages) using environmental life cycle assessment (LCA). She has also examined urban systems and the role of water for facilitating productive and sustainable cities, as a lead researcher with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.  Prior to that, she helped build the University of Queensland’s Working Group for Cleaner Production (now operating as the Eco-Efficiency Group), which developed eco-efficiency resources for manufacturing and service industries (food processing, metal industries, retail and tourism sectors).

Her achievements have included:

  • the development of novel self-assessment LCA tools for sugarcane and grape growing which are being used in Australia and France to inform more sustainable agricultural practices;
  • identification of eco-efficient pathways for bio-energy and bio-fuels from sugarcane, which has informed Queensland government policy on bio-fuels;
  • development of a framework for rating the water performance of urban development, which is informing development policy in some regions of Australia; and
  • eco-efficiency manuals for manufacturing sectors which have helped businesses to save money on energy, water, materials and reduce environmental impacts.

In her current role, Marguerite explores the changing role of agriculture for producing energy, chemicals, fuels, plastics as well as food and fibre, and the complex systems that need to be understood for sustainable innovation in this sector.  She also continues to contribute to the development of databases and guidelines to support the expanded use of this method in Australia for designing sustainable product supply chains. This involves collaboration with LCA researcher through the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (www.alcas.asn.au), of which Marguerite has been a past Board member and committee chair.


2020-current Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Agricultural and the Bioeconomy, Queensland University of Queensland

2018 – 2020 Senior Research Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland (UQ)

2016 – 2018 Overseas Fellowship, Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures (ESA University), Angers, Pay de la Loire, France

2014 – 2016 Research Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, UQ

2009 – 2011 Lecturer, School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management, and Director, Cleaner Production Working Group, UQ

2002-2008 PhD candidate (part-time while raising a family), UQ


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